Digital marketers are one step ahead in marketing domain now

The concept of Search Engine Optimization is changing everyday. Its fact that it is quite difficult to keep pace with the new changes in the field of SEO that continuously keeps modifying the crawl and index pages. If you want to see yourself at the top you need to bring regular changes in the optimization. In order to do that you need to focus on certain factors. Let’s look into that

Put focus on smart phones:

Last year smartphone dominated the digital domain. Since Google is continuously coming up with new innovations it has become important for the websites to become mobile friendly. Those who regularly creates strategy for optimization remains in the game, the others simply can’t compete. Google search always put preference to those websites which are mobile responsive. If your website is not mobile responsive, Google gives lower ranking to it on its search pages. So website which is mobile responsive gets more traffic. Digital marketers need to give more prominence on mobile sites and make them more SEO friendly.

Index Apps

Not only the pages but indexing apps are also a good. Indexing apps shows your app to people using Google search. We download numerous apps in our mobile phones but we use only 40 % of them on our devices. Indexing helps by re-engaging the existing app users.

• Create Interactive content

Why will your viewers go through your content? The answer to this question is that you need to be creative enough to create content that is enjoyable. You need to create content which will engage your audience. You can include all various forms of contents like text, videos as well as pictures and graphics that grab the attention of the people. This is quite interesting that search engine not only gives extra importance on text but also takes into consideration other important factors which will increase the engagement for the site and make it more responsive.

• Create Accelerated Mobile Pages

What do we mean by Accelerated Mobile Pages?. It is a project of Google and Twitter that are designed to make mobile pages work fast. It loads very fast and it is mainly for mobiles and it is open source.

• Improve search rankings

Apart from writing good quality content , try to optimize your meta data and write headlines that can improve your ranking. Fill your meta data fields carefully with keywords that can improve your website rankings . You need to write meta data that search engines understand. It should always reflect the relevance and purpose of your site. You need to create clear, brief meta titles and descriptions as well as need to write interesting headlines by using relevant keywords.

• Testing your email campaigns

The most easiest and effective way to assist the consumer is email marketing. There are various ways to optimize email campaigns. With any marketing campaign there many things which are important to your subscribers. The subject line, content, design, message preview all are important .

If we keep an eye on Google updates and the breakthrough changes that they are coming up with, it can be understood that it will go a long way in keeping your life sorted and will make your site more up to date with new technology.

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Blending of offline and online reach of digital content

With the advancement of internet technology, new advertising techniques are also evolving and maximum numbers of businesses are using the best of these technologies to grab their target audience. But people believe that digital word of mouth is happening through traditional ways of word of mouth.
Now day’s impact of digital marketing offline cannot be denied. Let’s see how it has affected it offline


We can see from the above report that in the year 2008, face to face interaction was 77 % which was declined to 72 % in 2015 this means still there are brands which prefer offline methods. Whereas social conversions is increasing from 4 % to 9 % in 2015 in the era of digital marketing.

Apart from this in US, 24 % of the consumer related conversations refer to some of the digital content. That indicates half a billion conversations are related to digital content in U.S everyday.

offline marketing

The above infographic shows that brand websites have been the most highly quoted digital sources for content which is discussed in consumer conversations about brands which was increased to 6.3 % of consumer related conversations from 4.4 % in 2008.
Social Media have also grown to 5.3 % in compared to 1.3 % in 2008. So we can see that every digital content is growing which include consumer reviews, paid online ads and mobile applications.
Now when we come to discuss digital content offline, we have seen children and men are more keen and comfortable in making conversations online rather than women and older consumers who do not prefer to do conversations about digital content.

Categories are considered as one more aspect of digital content which are part of offline conversations. In case of all travel and technology conversations which generally involves people discussing about information seen online , it is mostly discussed about category offline as the increasing purchases are done online.
As digital marketing and content marketing are evolving day by day as a topic of discussion , most of which actually happens face to face , but if you are trying to measure the digital impact of any digital campaign then you might lose the impact of conversations that happens offline. Face to face conversations leads to digital content which may lead to the increase of offline conversations and make people purchase the product. This is how it blends both online and offline divide.

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Advertisers now can track conversions through Linkedin

Linkedin earlier had helped companies to track conversions and it was a great relief for the marketers because they were able to know, manage as well as create conversions for advertisements they used to run. Before, companies were only able to track how many leads they got with LinkedIn advertising interface and performance of the advertisements. But apart from these, extra conversion metrics such as conversion rates, costs per acquisition were not given so the calculations had to be done manually.
Now we are able to integrate pixel like Facebook that will enable the companies to track the conversions of LinkedIn ads and the most unique feature is that it can ascribe conversions to a specific ad or any marketing campaign. The following are the metrics which one can track.

• Conversions
• Post-click conversions
• View through Conversions
• Conversion rates
• Cost per Conversion
• Total Conversions
• Return on ad spend
• Total Spend
There are various events which you can track on your website with the help of conversion pixel which includes lead, sign up, add to cart, key page and other custom event. This helps to track the strategies that users follow while interacting with your site .

Setting up the pixel for tracking conversions:

1. The first step is that you need to log on to your Campaign Manager, and need to click conversion tracking seen at the top of the screen.
2. Then you have to put the link or URL of your website you need to place the pixel. It is always advantageous that you give high level domain because it will track conversions from your subdomain as well
3. After this the pixel code will then be generated. You have to copy and paste the full code onto every page of your website.
4. Then you need to select all the conversions you want to track: report downloads, audience visiting thank you page and track them all in the same conversion.

How will you manage conversions?


You need to click on the specific campaign and select “Select Conversions” from the drop down options which is there near campaign name.

Then you will be able to view a page where you will be able to view the conversions in the account and will be able to access the option “manage conversions” to alter the conversions and make new ones.


Then now you can measure return on investment of your campaign by developing conversions to take actions that viewers have taken after viewing your ads.

But before start working on LinkedIn’s conversion tracking, you need to keep in mind certain things

• Those campaigns which are already existing, you need to go and allocate conversion action for each.
• LinkedIn only will report unique conversions with a 30 day window

Advantages of tracking conversions on Linkedin
• You can easily change or alter your budgets on the basis of performing ads .
• You can allocate conversion values.
• You can maintain and get accurate number of your returns on advertising spends.
• You can check the campaign regularly

Linkedin ads have huge capacity in collecting leads for B2B marketers. You need to target right viewers and track conversions for your ads.

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Discover how to use Viral Content and Hashtags together

Sample content

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