According to the demands of the industry, an effective content marketing strategy is required . There are certain tips which you can follow to maximize your content ROI.

Do not Chase content

It’s common for businesses to invest in content marketing thinking that their content will go viral, but it does not always happen .It only occurs in a small number of posts for every industry.
Instead of chasing big viral hits, it may be more effective to focus on the right tips that will boost all your content efforts.


Pick the right social networks
Facebook is the most popular choice for most of the industries, with its domination changing from one industry to another.
For example, automotive companies rely almost exclusively on Facebook (97.6% of their social efforts), while the figure for the marketing industry in general is 25.4%.
Moreover, fashion companies enjoy using Pinterest (24.9%), finding it more appropriate for their content and their audience. Twitter seems to be very popular for consumer electronics (33.7%) and LinkedIn is the network of choice for many pharmaceutical companies (43.1%).


• Decide on the ideal length of content

It varies from company to company There isn’t a general agreement on the ideal length of content among all industries, as it depends on each company’s needs and goals when creating a new piece of content.

Most industries seem to prefer longer posts, reaching up to 10,000 words, although the automotive industry for example has a preference over shorter posts of up to 1000 words.Charity and fashion sites also seem to pick shorter posts, mostly going up to 2000 words, as they may also rely on visual content to support their content marketing strategy.

• Write attractive headline

Write headlines which create a good impression for your content. Headline is the main thing which attracts the attention of the viewers.

• Always keep updated information

Industries are ever changing as time goes on. What is current in marketing today, probably won’t be a year from now. Online marketing has been taken over by the likes of Facebook and Twitter recently, and ‘socially engaging’ with your customers and audience at a level that wasn’t previously available to you as a marketer. You need to update yourself with all the new strategies that are coming in the digital world to maximize the ROI of the content.

• Add Live Chat

Writing attractive content is not always enough. Promoting is also not enough. Sometimes you need to prompt your readers. You need to enquire what actually they want and ask them how you can help. You will be amazed at the response rate that will boost the ROI of your content.

• Retarget your leads

As buyers are making purchase decisions, they often bounce around search results on Social networks and other resources. Retargeting helps your brand to come at the top and help the consumers to remember your brand.

• Start repurposing your content

If you repurpose your content that will help you to save your time and expand your reach easily. There are various ways to repurpose the content like converting a webinar to video, using blogs to create eBook, or publishing an e book on slideshare and various sites.

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Its high time now, you should stop banging your head for ideas. Consumers are no longer only have options of new products and services in the store. Rather they have the options to buy them by browsing the internet. We are surrounded by various products and services that we have never thought before.
We all know what trends are going on in the digital world. Let’s check out some.
• Snapchat
We are all aware that snapchat is now dominating the social media platform. Every month, thousands and millions of photos, videos are sent by the users. Recently less number of brands are using snapchat for their marketing campaigns. But this will completely change. Demand for snapchat will increase slowly and it will capture the market soon.

• Live Video Streaming
With the advancement of mobile connectivity and technology, video needs to be an integral part of your marketing campaign. Most of the brands are experimenting with live video streaming by using apps like Meerkat and Periscope. It helps you to stream videos from mobile to your twitter community.

• Podcasts

The number of podcast listeners is growing significantly all over the world. Whilst some marketers think that podcasts are a fad, others see them as being a real trend for 2016. And this trend will increase in recent times.

• Instagram
Today’s society are more attracted towards visual stimulation, so it’s no surprise that apps like Instagram has become an integral part of their lives. On Instagram we share our lives and experiences with the world. What you may not know is that Instagram has recently started offering paid advertising opportunities – and this is now available to everyone. Now you can create a carousel ad (for multi-page ads) or create a 3 second video.

• Pinterest
When it comes to digital marketing, pinterest has taken a step forward in social media platform. There is more to come! Pinterest has added a new feature, Animated Cinematic pins which will allow brands to target a specific person based on their interests. The great thing about these pins is that users are still in control – it’s up to them whether they watch the video or not.

• Omni-Channel Experiences
An omni-channel is a multichannel approach to sales that generally provide consumers with a seamless shopping experience, no matter how they shop. In short, you’re trying to target consumers with the right message at the right time in the right place.

• Content Remarketing
Today most of the marketers would agree that content marketing works. It includes blogs, ebooks and other content. The trick is knowing how to capture people who went on your website, read your content but didn’t convert into a lead. This is where content remarketing comes into play. It is an important process of tagging visitors on your site and retargeting them with content after they leave .

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How voice search can affect SEO ?

Is that true that SEO / PPC campaign is almost dying?


Well, if not dying but a wave of changes has come which shows that how voice search will change things out for all the digital marketers and will come up with innovative ideas for us. Voice activated technology is going to bring an enormous change in the domain of digital marketing.
Let’s us see how is it affecting . We can take a simple example If u want to know who is the Managing Director of Forbes , then will you type and search on your desktop ? or You will just take the benefits of using digital personal assistant such as Siri or Cortana ? If you are a techie fellow then definitely you will follow the later one.
So unconsciously you are more into voice than text now.
We have mentioned about ‘Siri’ and “Cortana” above. They are two captivating assistants from Apple and Microsoft, which help their users out whenever they are in need to find answers about anything.
Today digital media has grown aggressively across the globe and it has become more popular with the high in usage of tablets, mobile phones. This is a major challenge to the budding entrepreneurs in digital domain because they need to have knowledge about how to optimize for voice search. While speaking and typing customers generally use various kind of keywords for search purpose . For voice search try to use long tail key words as it improves ranking.
Why voice search is beneficial ?
If you are running short of time, then voice search is ideal for you .
• Lives of users have become much more easy with Siri or Cortana as they save your valuable time by giving you the opportunity to do multitasking.
• Certain changes have been seen with the voice search as this feature will engage more users to communicate in conversational way which will create distinctive and different query patterns with content that falls in line with the user’s request .

• You can use social media and website content through voice search. This will encourage your target audience to question more because you will be answering their most common questions. This will increase the awareness as well as views and shares.

• Voice search can be an added advantage to your business. In case of voice search you generally use easy and natural language thus you tend to think more like a customer than a marketer. This helps in understanding of what your customers are currently seeking and this definitely will lead to a new product development and ideas that can take your business to a new level.

• Voice Search got another point ! it will help in Maximize Schema markup opportunities. Schema is a markup language on the webpage that offers further information to the search engine’s to assist them to understand the contents behind a web page. The more context that will be given to the search engines, the better they’ll be able to apprehend the text.

What lies in the future of Voice search ?

It is unfortunate that we cannot read hands or palm, otherwise we would have come to know what is lying in the fate of “Voice Search”. But all we can say that something better is there.
From North Star Research study it has been seen that 47 % of the teenagers now days use voice search and they wish that this should be used in a way so that they can order things online simply by uttering the name of the “thing” which they want on voice search. Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Shazam, SoundHound, Google, and most are heavily investing in voice recognition technology.
So in a digital field its NOW time to SPEAK instead of writing and typing as voice search has replaced the ancient idea of typing and searching on your pc and desktop. We expect lot more to come with voice search now…..

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Are you ready to invest more on online advertising ?

2016 is following a new trend now “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale”. Since digital marketing is becoming an important aspect nowadays most of the companies are more inclined towards online marketing and advertising than traditional ways of marketing. Most of the companies have planned to increase their budget in the coming year too and they have shown their interest to invest more on internet marketing. Internet now has
According to most of the renowned companies’ survey display videos play a key role for branding campaign as it allows them get better and right audiences. Well-known companies indicate that they are able to commit more resources to the above factor. Apart from this the importance of validation is also increasing. Most of the organizations found that most of their display video campaigns reach right audience and they expect that these campaigns will increase more in the next 5 years.


Why online advertising in increasing?

• The first and the foremost reason is that it can reach to a larger number of potential customers and audiences in a short span of time.
• Web advertisements can be uploaded at any time according to your needs and can be changed and necessary corrections can be made at any time.
• Online advertisement works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Through online advertising you can target group on the basis of interest , demographics
• In online advertising you can effectively use graphics, text and videos to give a alluring look

• And the main part is online advertising is cheaper than traditional advertsing.

Why you should invest more on online advertising ?

If you are still not aware of the online marketing trends that have hit hard in the market, then you need to move fast. Now the question arise why online market marketing. Well, there are miscellaneous reasons behind it.

• You need to know which ads can bought the highest number of good quality leads. You also should have knowledge about how many impressions were shown. Try to identify your optimal channels, ad copy and ad locations. Online advertising allows you to use Google analytics that help you to check the metrics and analytics as well as cost incurred for acquiring and converting a customer. Online advertising offers you limitless insight which allows you to be a professional marketer.

• Do you have the knowledge of your prospective customer? Online marketing gives you the opportunity to target and retarget your prospect customers. Retargeting serves you ads that are completely based on prior engagement which enable you to identify your prospective customer profile. Once you are aware of what your customers are looking for then it will be convenient for you to target and to find where you can get similar users online. When you are advertising online, you are able to target your customers on the basis of population, demographics as well as their interest

• Well, it is not always enough to only target your audience, for that you need to be creative. They way you should present your ads to your customers need to be creative and visually appealing. Generally there are many complaints that online ads are of poor quality but in digital marketing you need to provide audience ads which are highly engaging and that will convert your audience to your customers. You must use flash and in banner video ads because that enhance your brand awareness among your customers.

Online marketing campaigns can be adjusted with clicks. One click can bring change in your business. In this case you have the flexibility to respond to data as well as can make changes to data instantly. Along with this you will have the right to stop or start campaign any time you want. This helps you to be in front of your customers and help to understand the customer needs and adjust your ads before any one.

• Digital marketing process is highly cost effective for marketers. You can set the rates according to the combination of ad size, location and performance.

We all know marketing mix , apart from all those 7P’s , online advertising now has become an inevitable part of marketing mix. It offers a basket full of benefits to you including low costs, targeting, and customer insights which you will never get if you avail any other advertising mediums.

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New trends of YouTube video optimization

We often get to hear a very common statement “This video is going to get a lot of views”. Youtube is considered as the second largest search engine because every hour huge amount of content is uploaded on YouTube, so we can say there is always a chance that your content will get noticed among the innumerable amount of content uploaded on YouTube.
Achieving a high number of views for a video is quite dubious but it is not impossible if you have a right strategy and plan with you. Now the trend is to optimize your YouTube videos, but there are certain step which needs to be followed.

• Content is important

Writing an impressive content is the prime component if you want to successfully optimize your video. Without content it is impossible to get high number of views and traffic to your channel. If you want to obtain high amount of views then you need to make sure that your content should be interesting, informative as well as engaging.
But all traffic does not come only from YouTube for each channel, YouTube has analytics tool that helps to keep record of all of the sources. The better will be your content it will be more popular and other websites will share it and if you are coming on, it will be easier for people to find you when they will search for it



Tagging is important because right titles and tags will only help in making the videos discoverable. YouTube right now has no understanding of content, so associating your video with the text is an essential way for you to improve your rankings by using specific keywords including brand keywords in your tags, try not to use irrelevant tags.

• Closed captioning

Tags and titles may be important but they are not the only way to associate text to your videos. If you upload closed caption files for all your videos then it can also help in optimization. Transcribed videos get higher rank because they generally enable to obtain information in various formats on the basis of preference and needs. You can also increase ranking by translating your transcripts and by uploading them on YouTube.

Call to action

It is crucial that your video should contain a call to action descriptions and within YouTube annotations. If used correctly annotations can ameliorate engagement as well as viewership but if used in some other way it can be devastating. It not only keep the viewers on page but also keep them on YouTube and make them to share and like the videos.


Another way of including call to action for engagement of the channels is using youtube’s new channel trailer. This helps you to create a specific video that will be played when a non subscriber lands on your channel page. It will give the viewers an idea about your brand , let them know why they should share and subscribe your videos.

• Playlist URLs

You need to make sure that videos are part of playlist that can improve your watch time. At the end of each playlist video , you will automatically get to play the nest video . Thus it increases your time on page and time on site metrics . If you have huge number of videos to promote on social media platforms then you need to be sure that you share the complete playlist url instead of the single video URL.

It is not always possible to ensure that a video with good content will generate large number of views but if one follows these following steps then one can get a good result for sure.

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Small Businesses Can Continue to Thrive in the Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook has declared that it won’t sell more space for ads, even if there is huge demand from advertisers. The main objective of Facebook has always been to maintain the quality of content in the newsfeed and to make sure that the majority of posts are from your friends or sources, which you have chosen. Ads are always kept minimum.
Will it be affecting the advertisers?
Media is being sold by Facebook via an auction. With the increase in demand from the advertisers, there will be a increase in bids for space. For example, this demand pressure will increase in the month from November to December. Thus advertisers need to complete the bidding process very fast to make the newsfeed more premium driving up CPMs.

For marketers, this early warning is opportune. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and redo the sums. It will never be more important to ensure that everything that can, must be optimised, in order to achieve expected returns on investment.
For small firms, you can act smart. But yes cost will go up and bigger brands with budgets will be increasing into the newsfeed. For small business campaigning in the newsfeed can be successful but it requires quick decision making and response to customers’ queries. Small businesses have that advantage.

Some points which you can focus on …..

• You need to be clear and your campaign should match your business objective. You need to make sure whether you are building awareness or generating leads or driving actual sales.

• You need to test again and again to get your creative right.

• If you narrow your focus too this can raise media costs. You need to test on broader audience and then when you will be confident about your creative then narrow your focus.

• Mixing videos with statics, using carousels can make a difference.

• Focus on ad quality – This is an important factor as it pushes and improves a campaign’s performance up or down by many orders of magnitude. Poor creative; low-quality creative; single format creative; are not accepted in this massively more competitive marketplace.
If Facebook continues to limit its newsfeed it will no longer be business as usual. Marketers who value their jobs need to take this into note urgently.

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How to Make Your Integrated Campaigns Work

An integrated campaign is that where various channels are brought together to deliver a specific message that relates to your business.
To be successful, brands must create campaigns that cross divisions. If you’re looking to create something effective then you can follow certain strategies to make it successful.

Closeup of businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket document in office
Closeup of businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket document in office

Know your target audience
It is quite difficult to map your marketing campaign without knowing your target audience fully. You need to focus more on demographics which is relevant to your business and need to identify their interests and attitude. The best way to understand your audience is to make buyer personas. The will help you to identify who your real customers are and then you can start your activity. You need to first check your database of the customers then create personas that match your audience. You also need to spend time by interacting with the people who are responsible for increasing the sales.


• Thinking socially

Social media is a massive tool for business now days. 91 % of the companies now use at least two social media channels to communicate with their audience .With that in mind, it’s important to use social media effectively to help source your audience. Now that you have identified who they are, you should also have an understanding of what platforms they’ll be using .To encourage audience interaction, use hashtags that can be used related to your business and campaigns It’s important to not just post content for content’s sake. You need to think from a buyer’s point of view. Think about what they want to see from you and what they would find valuable. Then only you can create a successful campaign.

Keep content adaptable
The idea of an integrated campaign is that you need to rely on various platforms and channels. Some things will work better on one platform than another, so it’s important to keep your content simple and adabtable.
It’s important to keep your brand’s message consistent across your campaign. It is important to select carefully which channels you want to use. You can always refer your personas to find out which platforms are relevant for your campaign. Try to find out what your audience use the most. If you’re not entirely sure which channels will work best for you, either look at similar content for inspiration or just experiment. By seeing what does and doesn’t perform well, you will be able to have an idea how to move forward.

Integrate your marketing campaigns
With a deep understanding of your target audience and what channels you should be using, you will be ready to start your next integrated marketing campaign.
International speaker and author Michael Lewis reported that content published on two or three channels is 24% more likely to receive engagement. An integrated campaign may just be what you need to help your business succeed.

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Tips for better website conversions

We always get to hear that how important is search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click, social media marketing if you want to attract visitors to your website. Well getting traffic to the website is less difficult than converting the traffic into sales and revenue.
How you can easily convert the traffic. Lets check out.


Tell your visitors that you are available to help.
Get a live chat — it gives your website visitors the ability to ask questions while they are on your website. If they want any informations about any product then you can help them through live chat support. The last thing you want to do it push away a potential sale because they had a simple question that could have been answered in three seconds.

Video drives conversions — but beware.

Video is the easiest way to inform your website visitors about your particular product or service Many websites will auto-play their video or present it as a pop-up. This may annoys the visitor and can reduce your traffic.

Showcase social proof to establish trust.
You should always remember that your website visitors should feel confident. You always need to build up that trust and relation with them if you expect them to go for your product.

Provide offers for call to action
Give out appealing offer for those looking for new product.It simply entices and invites the visitor to click-through to explore purchase options. That simple line of text will attract a much higher click-through rate than a “Shop” button alone.

Make contacting your business simple.
Send Email to your customers directly. Don’t feel like speaking to someone on the phone? Use the live chat function. They have various options to satisfy the needs of every visitor. If you can answer questions in a way that’s convenient to each visitor, it will greatly increase the chance of them converting.

Keep in mind about mobile users
With high amount of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important that you should keep in mind that your visitors also come from smart phones too.

Allow customers to know your brand
Any time you can offer your visitors a look inside your operation it gives you the opportunity to become more appealing.

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Lagging Vendors Near the “Point of No Return” for Digital Advertising

Today’s era saw a new change in the world of technology. Most of the people are more into mobile phones rather than desktop. 85 % of the customers now days have stopped visiting stores physically. They will do all their activities online or through ecommerce sites. Apart from this ,people will invest more on email campaign as well as landing pages and online marketing.


A new surprise for everyone

Investing more on online media and sales has now become a latest development of this era. Its not a surprise, its a development. Brick-and-Mortar retail has been going out of the market for over a decade now. Major players like Blockbuster and Borders are also shutting their business models since it has become unworkable.

Most of the companies are struggling to grasp the idea of just a basic social media presence. There are huge number of corporations out there with little in the way of an e-mail sales strategy. Apart from that there are number of industries that yet have to understand and adopt the mindset of how digital sales works .
The practical situation is that market is changing rapidly and most of the companies have realized nowdays that new development and features are required at this present situation. Few of them have these flexible characters that are required in order to respond to such rapidly changing market environment. Sometimes situations arise where new market entrants enter the market and bring change in the industry while the older ones fail to adopt those new features and they kept following the old legacy systems. So if your company is following a set of rules which are decade back and you are not working with any digital marketing professionals then you need to do something with that.


Is it sounding serious?

Perhaps yes, but when you consider all the factors in the market then you will understand that this is the reality .
Buyers now are getting more powerful and empowered and they are aware of more options available in the market . This is a great thing for markets in general. This implies that customers can avail and enjoy more benefits of their favourite brands and products.
This means if a company with the right product wants to promote their products online with right digital marketing strategies then it will be a huge success in the market. Unfortunately companies who have still not understood the importance of digital marketing in the market may face major problem to survive in this competitive environment regardless how great their products are.
In short we can say 2016 and 2017 will bring major changes in the domain of digital marketing and will completely change the way of promoting products through various means. So one should be prepared and should have the knowledge of digital marketing strategies too.

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Snapchat starts to follow Facebook footsteps of styling ad targeting

Snapchat is coming up with some innovative targeting options. Snapchat will start to let brands to aim their ads in mobile app’s daily audience of 150 million, based on people’s email address and the advertising identifiers which are attached to their phones as well with those who shared same characteristics with that particular audience. Advertisers will now be able to target ads which are based on content based audience, people who like sports, music, entertainment, technology etc.
3 categories that have been launched are – Snap Audience Match, Lookalikes and Snapchat Lifestyle categories. All these 3 features will be available anywhere in vertical Video snaps run such within stories, people stories and so on. But the advertisers will not be able to use them in order to target their sponsored lens campaign .
If you are using snapchat and you don’t want unwanted ads to pop up on your mobile then you are unable to do that . Snapchat is planning to come up with something that can remove those ads but they are on the process. Till then you need to go to your phone settings menu to reset the advertising ID and change the email address that are synced with snapchat account.
Snapchat is not providing anything new to the market , it is just following the existing trend which was started by facebook. But Snapchats with its extraordinary ad formats like vertical video ads and sponsored video lenses has distinguished itself from other apps.

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