Email Marketing Trends In India

Email marketing trends in India


An effective email marketing today is at the heart of marketing approaches!

Yes, with a significant rise in the number of internet users in India, email marketing is the latest trends where organizations are spending a lot on creating newsletters or promotional emails to its customer base to only educate them about a service or product, but even increase conversion rate.

More than 54% Indians today have the internet access & majorly lead by mobile platforms. It has helped the exceptional growth of e-commerce & digital marketing.

In the same context, let’s see some email marketing trends in India.

Email Frequency

Earlier daily sending of email used to happen, but this used to irritate a customer, the frequency has come down with weekly emails being sent out. Organizations are utilizing Tuesdays & Fridays to send their emails as these days emails receive the highest ‘open rates’ by Indians.

Email Deliverability

The marketing team of a company is responsible for sending out emails. With many advanced techniques & options available, it is easier for them to create plans to reach users’ inbox in the most creative ways.

Budget Allocation

About 10-30% of the budget these days are kept aside for email campaigns, newsletters & similar activities by companies. With Indians opening up to emails, it is predicted that more companies are set to increase their investments for emails.

Easy Tracking

Tracking the effectiveness of the emails is an important part of the online email marketing. It has led to more companies opening up to effective email marketing.

In India, email marketing is one of the most popular ways of online marketing forms now. Marketers are ready to invest more on email marketing & its results have already started to show!

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Email : The Heart Of Marketing

Email marketing rules marketing strategies


There are various trends that will come & go but if there is one marketing trend that will always be the heart of the marketing – it has to be the email marketing & rightfully, it deserves.

However, if a brand is unable to tap the potential of an email campaign, it won’t work in your favor because drafting an email is pivotal to its success.

Yes, you may also note that it is not that easy to carry out an email marketing strategy & if you commit some mistakes in its formulation, there could be issues with the desired results.

Digital marketers are increasing their funds for email marketing because the probability of its success has always been higher.

Let’s see what not to do when you create an email marketing strategy.

Ensure Your Email Has The Right Mix

As reported by many genuine consumers, marketers still have less idea about how their end-users would want to receive information in an email. This is significant to the fact that emails without useful & practical information are of no use to the users & these are bound to get no response or conversions as far as the profit goes.

Draft Your Emails Creatively

Stop pushing your customers to engage in a sale by keeping a subject line that is very commercial as this type of email campaigns have lost importance these days. Nowadays people are laced with enough knowledge about promo emails & have an idea about seeing some similar aspects in your emails. Thus, try to be creative & create out of the box yet unique emails to attract an increase in the opening & CTR rates.

Lace Emails With A Lucid Language & Good Visuals

While emails with right & appealing content could lead to conversions, if the language is too flashy or too ordinary, it won’t serve the purpose. Thus, try making the language of your emails easy to understand & lucid to get more exposure. What’s more, you should also be careful about selecting a right visual for the emails because visuals speak louder than content & they are visible to users before the content catches their frenzy.

Thus, try to keep these pointers in mind & try to resolve these issues while drafting your email campaigns to get more exposure & conversions.

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