indexImages are social

We notice strong visuals before we notice anything else. They’re big, they stand out, and they’re easy to consume. Reading text takes much more effort than looking at an image. Images are also very shareable. Just as the cavemen used rock paintings to record and tell stories thousands of years ago, we too can capitalize on the strength of images to communicate with our social media audience.

Why use images in my social media?
On social media, images:
• Are easily consumed: It’s easy for your brain to process an image.
• Create quicker connections: They can convey complex emotions and ideas far faster than text.
• Are supported on all major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus.
Images are also easy to create and include in posts. Your smartphone is a brilliant, accessible device for creating rich, unique visual content for your small business social media presence. Also, new services, like allow you to easily create graphics for inclusion on your social media posts. Creating rich visual content has never been more accessible.
How can I use images?
Here’s a list of the types of images that are generally effective at generating interaction and engagement on your small business social media presence.
• Tip images: You’re an expert in your field, write a short post with a tip for your audience and include an image with the tip imprinted on it.
• How-to images: Any procedure can be the basis for great visual content. Create a graphic that shows the steps.
• Quotes: Everyone loves a good quote. Put them on images.
• Infographics: These are insanely good right now. If you’ve got information to share, display it in a visually stunning infographic.
What makes a good social media image?
Just like copy, an image is a piece of strategic content and should be treated as such. A great social media image should:
• Help and/or inspire your audience
• Be original and relevant to your post topic and your business
• Fit with the corporate identity of your business
• Build trust and/or interest in your business
• Be posted with clear intent (what are you trying to achieve with this image?)
Consider how you can begin using more images in your small business social media presence, and build processes and workflows into your social media strategy to ensure you’re using visuals as often as you can.

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Turn GIFs into an Awesome Marketing Tool

A picture speaks thousand words than texts. But in business entrepreneurs do not leave everything for interpretation. It is for this reason that graphic interchange format files, or “GIFs,” have created a new space in our digital landscape over sometime. And while you may not know of them, there is a very high likelihood that you have seen them.
GIFs have been around since the late 1980s, but most of the digital platforms were not using them. Many websites, such as Tumbler, have supported them for a few years, but last year, recently two platforms twitter and pinterest have announced that their platforms would support GIFs.
For any kind of online business, GIFs offers the opportunity to do better and connect their customers ‘by providing certain informations like.

Adds important context
• Focuses on key points
• It shows that your business understands customers and how they are communicating
• Shows off your creativity
• Increases more engagement

You can find huge number of GIFs by searching Tumblr and Google, but you need to do ample research to find GIF’s which match your interest and work.

Without a doubt, there are countless possibilities with GIFs, but it can get out of hand. For that reason, keep these tips in mind for your business GIFs.
Use sparingly.

If you are constantly using GIFs in your daily digital feed, it can attract your customers. GIFs should be integrated into a broader content management and customer engagement strategy.
Aim for quality.
GIFs are usually poor resolution or difficult to see or understand. You need to keep in mind that they will reflect your brand, so put some extra effort and time in finding or creating GIFs that reflect your commitment to quality.

Maintain pertinence.

It’s all too easy to create smart GIFs which will entertain your audience and possibly will help you in promoting your brand but if it does not match with your business and culture, it could end up hurting your brand.


Before you publish a GIF, make sure that the message and context is clear which can be understood by the readers. The last thing you need is to have your GIF misinterpreted and promoting the wrong message altogether.

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Are you still searching for strategies for post on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn?
Do you need to come up with additional social media updates?
Let’s check how we can do that.

• Post attractive quotes

Quotes are always famous on facebook and you will get hundreds of websites that have various creative quotes. What you need to do, is to choose and select quote images carefully. It needs to be visually appealing and should be able to convey the right and correct message to the reader. The result you will get will be far better than your expectations. Your likes and share will get increased easily.

• Book Reviews
When you read a book you think your audience can benefit from, tell them about it. Share your opinion for that book, how it can benefit others. Whether it is inspirational or not? Whether its business related or not.

• Dates of Celebrations

Start making a list of holidays. You can easily make some creatives and post them on Facebook. If it’s Independence Day, then you may create a post for Independence Day and can wish your friends and other followers.

• Blogs

If you have a personal blog and if you have a flair for writing interesting articles you can easily put the link of that blog as a post on your timeline. Write articles
On interesting topics that arouse interests among the readers .This will automatically increase your likes and shares.

Hash tagged events
Start to join in with each social network’s culture and opportunities. Hash tagged events are popular and another good way to show your personality instead of your logo.

Giveaways and contests almost always get big engagement. They’re an opportunity to encourage fans, followers and others to share your content, link or social profile.

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New trends of YouTube video optimization

We often get to hear a very common statement “This video is going to get a lot of views”. Youtube is considered as the second largest search engine because every hour huge amount of content is uploaded on YouTube, so we can say there is always a chance that your content will get noticed among the innumerable amount of content uploaded on YouTube.
Achieving a high number of views for a video is quite dubious but it is not impossible if you have a right strategy and plan with you. Now the trend is to optimize your YouTube videos, but there are certain step which needs to be followed.

• Content is important

Writing an impressive content is the prime component if you want to successfully optimize your video. Without content it is impossible to get high number of views and traffic to your channel. If you want to obtain high amount of views then you need to make sure that your content should be interesting, informative as well as engaging.
But all traffic does not come only from YouTube for each channel, YouTube has analytics tool that helps to keep record of all of the sources. The better will be your content it will be more popular and other websites will share it and if you are coming on, it will be easier for people to find you when they will search for it



Tagging is important because right titles and tags will only help in making the videos discoverable. YouTube right now has no understanding of content, so associating your video with the text is an essential way for you to improve your rankings by using specific keywords including brand keywords in your tags, try not to use irrelevant tags.

• Closed captioning

Tags and titles may be important but they are not the only way to associate text to your videos. If you upload closed caption files for all your videos then it can also help in optimization. Transcribed videos get higher rank because they generally enable to obtain information in various formats on the basis of preference and needs. You can also increase ranking by translating your transcripts and by uploading them on YouTube.

Call to action

It is crucial that your video should contain a call to action descriptions and within YouTube annotations. If used correctly annotations can ameliorate engagement as well as viewership but if used in some other way it can be devastating. It not only keep the viewers on page but also keep them on YouTube and make them to share and like the videos.


Another way of including call to action for engagement of the channels is using youtube’s new channel trailer. This helps you to create a specific video that will be played when a non subscriber lands on your channel page. It will give the viewers an idea about your brand , let them know why they should share and subscribe your videos.

• Playlist URLs

You need to make sure that videos are part of playlist that can improve your watch time. At the end of each playlist video , you will automatically get to play the nest video . Thus it increases your time on page and time on site metrics . If you have huge number of videos to promote on social media platforms then you need to be sure that you share the complete playlist url instead of the single video URL.

It is not always possible to ensure that a video with good content will generate large number of views but if one follows these following steps then one can get a good result for sure.

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Small Businesses Can Continue to Thrive in the Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook has declared that it won’t sell more space for ads, even if there is huge demand from advertisers. The main objective of Facebook has always been to maintain the quality of content in the newsfeed and to make sure that the majority of posts are from your friends or sources, which you have chosen. Ads are always kept minimum.
Will it be affecting the advertisers?
Media is being sold by Facebook via an auction. With the increase in demand from the advertisers, there will be a increase in bids for space. For example, this demand pressure will increase in the month from November to December. Thus advertisers need to complete the bidding process very fast to make the newsfeed more premium driving up CPMs.

For marketers, this early warning is opportune. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and redo the sums. It will never be more important to ensure that everything that can, must be optimised, in order to achieve expected returns on investment.
For small firms, you can act smart. But yes cost will go up and bigger brands with budgets will be increasing into the newsfeed. For small business campaigning in the newsfeed can be successful but it requires quick decision making and response to customers’ queries. Small businesses have that advantage.

Some points which you can focus on …..

• You need to be clear and your campaign should match your business objective. You need to make sure whether you are building awareness or generating leads or driving actual sales.

• You need to test again and again to get your creative right.

• If you narrow your focus too this can raise media costs. You need to test on broader audience and then when you will be confident about your creative then narrow your focus.

• Mixing videos with statics, using carousels can make a difference.

• Focus on ad quality – This is an important factor as it pushes and improves a campaign’s performance up or down by many orders of magnitude. Poor creative; low-quality creative; single format creative; are not accepted in this massively more competitive marketplace.
If Facebook continues to limit its newsfeed it will no longer be business as usual. Marketers who value their jobs need to take this into note urgently.

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Snapchat starts to follow Facebook footsteps of styling ad targeting

Snapchat is coming up with some innovative targeting options. Snapchat will start to let brands to aim their ads in mobile app’s daily audience of 150 million, based on people’s email address and the advertising identifiers which are attached to their phones as well with those who shared same characteristics with that particular audience. Advertisers will now be able to target ads which are based on content based audience, people who like sports, music, entertainment, technology etc.
3 categories that have been launched are – Snap Audience Match, Lookalikes and Snapchat Lifestyle categories. All these 3 features will be available anywhere in vertical Video snaps run such within stories, people stories and so on. But the advertisers will not be able to use them in order to target their sponsored lens campaign .
If you are using snapchat and you don’t want unwanted ads to pop up on your mobile then you are unable to do that . Snapchat is planning to come up with something that can remove those ads but they are on the process. Till then you need to go to your phone settings menu to reset the advertising ID and change the email address that are synced with snapchat account.
Snapchat is not providing anything new to the market , it is just following the existing trend which was started by facebook. But Snapchats with its extraordinary ad formats like vertical video ads and sponsored video lenses has distinguished itself from other apps.

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New social media developments you need to know

In the world of social media, lot many changes and you need to have full knowledge about them. If you feel that you are aware of everything about facebook, twitter, instagram , linkedin then let me tell you there are lot many new platforms that have emerged and that can change your whole social media strategy.
You may have missed some of the important developments that have evolved in social media marketing but you cannot miss these three. Let’s see what they are.

Live Stream Donations


Facebook is going to begin a new system of ‘Live stream Donations .’ This phrase may sound new , here viewers as well as users can donate money during a live stream session. This new platform will show the donations as well as the people who has donated during the broadcast. Facebook which is regarded as one of the largest social media platform has taken feedback from its users whether they would find this new innovation a useful one. It has been found that for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen this system is like a stream which fabricates their content. This is mainly helpful for any no profit organization or for any one who is willing to raise money for any specific reason and cause.

• Facebook crossposting


Crossposting is one of the latest contraption to Facebook page that will allow one to share posts across multiple pages. This feature is available witjin business manager page .

Pre-recorded in Periscope stream
Periscope’s live stream is one of the best feature. Periscope users can incorporate both pre recorded video and graphics into live stream. Addition of these features can improve and enhance your video quality and presentation which can boost engagement of the audiences.
Periscope helps people to see the world through somebody else’s eyes. Recently twitter has boosted its video options. Though there is lot of competitions in this field, but Periscope has stood out differently from others.

So here you go , now you have the knowledge about these 3 new developments in the field of social media.

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Facebook improves Offers ad

Great offers and discounts always attract customers’ attention. Advertisers always use various methods through which customers can avail various discounts and can redeem offers whenever they want.
For advertisers , there is a great news. Now they can share discounts and promotions through facebook and they can also decide for how many months they will continue showing their ads as well as can also check the number of customers visited their ads and who have redeem their offers. With the coming of facebook advertisements it has become very easy to promote your products within a specific budget


Why is it easy to promote through facebook ?

Business generally offers two types of ads , online and instore and they can share these offers through facebook in two separate ways , Offers advert or in a Page post.
• Offers advert are those that generally people get to see on their newsfeed in the facebook mobile app or website. In order to capture the attention of your right audience you can always create unique facebook advertisement like carousel adverts. The other option is online offers through which advertisers have the right to optimize the delivery of their adverts to the customers who are more interested to buy the products.
• Another interesting way to make your offers reach to people is to post them directly on the page through offer page composer. Anyone who will be visiting the page will be able to view the posts. If any customers missed any offer they can always click on the new offer and can check the latest and old offers as well.

• There is a new feature that has been added is streamlined facebook offers. This enable the customers to easily claim the offers on mobile or desktop. It has been seen that streamlined facebook offers is a huge success now as it is gaining 31 % increase on return on advertising spend.

Facebook now is offering improvised version offers. They have made it easier for the people to redeem their offers.

Lets check out how it works now …

With this new feature of offer ad , offers are now automatically saved in new offers section. Customers any time can get access to their saved offers and then can redeem them on their mobile phones. What the customers need to do is to copy the offer code and can get access details when they are on advertiser’s mobile site.


Facebook will give reminders so that people never miss out any offers which they have claimed. If they have claimed for any offer they will be reminded about it as they we will get notifications whenever they will log in to facebook. Expiry about the offers are also reminded through this.

What are the latest features ?

Facebook is now offering assistance with barcode for every claimed offer. This feature is best for those advertisers who want maximum distribution of their offers. Well, they are also coming with unique offer codes , which will help the advertisers to offer unique offer codes to the invididuals instead of distributing to mass.

So now basically one can grab the attention of the customers with various offers. Online offers and in store adverts are coming soon and thus you can create offer on your facebook page easily.

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Easy way of personal branding through facebook live

There was a time when everyone wants to get an opportunity to get famous but opportunity was less. Now the time has come where it has become easy to become prominent and famous. The social media era has ushered a new technique through which one can share their views and creative expression with their audience across the globe within few seconds without any cost and with comfort from your home with your smartphone.
Earlier YouTube was considered as the only channel where one used to post videos about their views and expression. Youtube used to dominate because it was the only option that we had for personal branding. But now the next wave of personal branding through video is Facebook live stream.


• Option for personal branding

Various kinds of advertisements are presented to consumers throughout the day. Those who are constantly working online and engaging with the content , they can understand the difference between rehearsed advertising and a fun streaming video which is created to connect the customers in a creative way
Facebook Live is an option which offers renowned brands, small entrereuneurs and consultants the chance to interact with new potential customers as well as to develop good connection with the existing customers as well and your business. It is the best took as it is quite easy to view and use for the audience. The viewers need to scroll the post to get connected to the live video stream and can start commenting on the post as well can participate in the discussion.


• How to start Facebook Live.
Facebook has not created any complicated thing for live streaming. It is designed in an easy way; it is a kind of “point” and “shoot” type of application. Facebook live shows unedited version of a video because it adds authenticity and viewers love to watch live broadcast .However there are certain ways through which you can create live stream that will reflect your brand.

• Various ways
 The first way is that one can use a good quality smart phone. Resolution will vary from phone to phone but performance will be better with high quality mobile phones. One can also try with a tri- pod. Many people are also using selfie stick to take the videos.

 The next step is that you need to schedule your facebook live video when you know your audience will be watching. Try to target your viewers when they will be browsing for content on their desktop or mobile phones.

 You need to write a great description for the video. Try to engage your audience and inform them with essential facts about your product, your brand, what you do and why it is worth watching.

 Start asking questions to your viewers during live video. This helps the audience to participate in the interaction process which is quite exciting for them .This will help you to get more traffic and you will be able to post shares when people will start commenting and liking your feed .

 You need to be yourself. Viewers nowadays are not interested to see something scripted, they want to see something live and original. If your audience feel that it is rehearsed then you will not get the same results which you may get while uploading live video.
 Once you save your video to your facebook feed, you need to add one comment to thank your viewer and provide them a call to action such as following you on linkedin, visiting your blog and helping them to follow you on twitter. This helps to get traffic where you can connect with your viewers.

These are certain tips that you can now follow to brand yourself. Branding yourself will be easy now.

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Target your audience through pinterest

Ads targeting is quite important nowadays and targeting on pinterest is even more crucial.Pinterest is a platform where various alluring pictures are upload from across the globe. So Pinterest is now an effective medium to retarget your audience and ads. In addition of targeting promoted pins which is based on the interest of the pinners, keyword device, location and so on now any one can target promoted pins using your own data. This will help you to know about your customers as well as about the people on pinterest.
You can also now use Pinterest Ads manager. You will be able to now target your audiences in 3 new ways
• Targetting your customer list: Now you can target your existing customers by using their email ids and mobile numbers too.
• Retarget your visitors: Visitors, who have already visited your website, they can also be retargeted in an easy way.
• Lookalike targeting: Search for audiences who behaves alike and similarly to your audience and target them.


Targeting through Pinterest improves results

Businesses who have worked with method targeting though pinterest have already seen successful results. For example visitors retargeting increased, click through rates increased 3 times and for others look alike targeting increased by 63 % and increased the reach 30 times more.
Pinterest is the podium where people across the globe update their ideas for their audiences. So basically there is a positioning between what for people use pinterest and what marketers want to achieve and this is the reason why Pinterest advertising are so effective.

How targeting affects ?

It actually affects on how you target your campaigns, your promoted pins will be available in various locations across Pinterest. If you only target audiences, then your pins will come in home feed. You can also keep interests, keywords, device, genders as well as locations on the top of audiences in order to target particular opportunities in search.


Segment your audiences to drive performance with lookalike targeting

If you are targeting to reach a larger audience like your current customer, Pinterest can help you to expand campaigns to search for people to respond to your promoted pins.
Your customers may have varied interests, so instead of creating a single segment it is always preferable to create separate segments that have similar attributes .This makes easier to identify what actually they like and respond to on Pinterest.

When you have created different sized lookalikes from same source audience overlap occurs. For example: if you have created 1% and 5% look alike , users in the 1 % audience will also be included in the 5 % audience. To prevent this, you can simply include 5 % and exclude 1 % audience .

Like people on Pinterest, your customers have widely different interests. Instead of creating a single segment of all your customers, it’s beneficial to create separate segments of customers that have similar attributes. This makes it easier to identify what they like and respond to most on Pinterest, which will create a more valuable lookalike audience.

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