How To Track Conversions Through LinkedIn

Track conversions through LinkedIn now


LinkedIn is the place that every digital marketer should have a presence because LinkedIn marketing & networking can go a long way to establish a successful business relationship with various domains & people.

Now the moment has arrived which every B2B advertiser has been waiting for – Yes, LinkedIn recently announced conversion tracking for text ads & sponsored content.

It will help the marketers get to the depth of the campaigns, ads & of course the audience to result in a required web activities such as form fill up.

How To Set Up LinkedIn Pixel

  1. Login to campaign manager in LinkedIn & click on conversion tracking seen at the top of the screen

  2. Enter your website or URL you need to create the pixel, placing high-level domains is good because it will track conversions from your sub-domain also

  3. Your pixel code will be generated, copy & paste the code onto every page of your website

  4. Select all the conversions that you want to track: report downloads, audience visiting thank you page & follow them all in a single conversion

Benefits Of Tracking Conversions On LinkedIn

  • Change or modify your budget by performing ads

  • Allocation of conversion values

  • Maintain & get correct number of your returns on your advertising budget

  • You can easily check & analyze your campaigns regularly

Be informed to know that LinkedIn ads have amazing capacity in generating leads for B2B marketers. LinkedIn lead generation is easy now & if you are yet to start doing it; it is the time to do it!

Happy Tracking!

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Twitter Launches Longer Videos, Vines & New Engagement App

Twitter launches longer video support


Do you like to post videos on Twitter? There is good news for you all!

Yes, Twitter recently announced that the users will now be able to create & post longer videos which were earlier restricted to just 30 seconds.

Make Longer Twitter Video Now

Yes, with the new announcement, you can now post videos up to 140 seconds & now can enhance the Twitter marketing strategy to target more users.

Twitter looks all set to engage more users with rising competition from other social media platforms such as Instagram (increased their video limit from 15 seconds to 1 minute).

Take Benefits From Vines

What’s more, even Vines have also extended 6 seconds limit to 140 seconds with the option to watch more’. While the new Vines will appear in the old fashion, but when clicked on the ‘watch more’ icon, you will be able to watch a full-length video of 140 seconds.

Engage & Analyze More Users With The Engage App

Twitter has also announced its new Engage app, the new Twitter analytics app which will help its users to monitor & track posts & even the followers about what they are tweeting about!

The app is focused on analytics importance with real time data insights to help know the posts’ performance, high & low performing tweets, followers & more details.

Marketers Benefits

  • They can now exhibit their creativity in creating longer videos to send across their message even more confidently which was a challenge to deliver in 30 seconds.

  • Video views are already gaining popularity on various social media platforms & businesses are already harnessing the medium to streamline their story telling & coerce purchase plan.

  • Marketers can now compete with YouTube, Instagram & Facebook videos which mean that it will open a new spectrum altogether.

  • They can now create their impression to lure followers on a large scale.

So, why don’t you take full benefits of these Twitter announcements & be with great influencers in creating meaningful content as a part of your Twitter marketing strategy to target the right audience & engage them structurally.

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Target Your Audience Through Pinterest

Pinterest marketing strategy


First things first!

Have you got plans to get more visibility for your business with the Pinterest Marketing Strategy?

Are you looking to get more pins & boards to get more views?

Then, you have landed at the right place as here some simple yet effective ways to enhance your Pinterest visibility will be discussed. All set? Let’s go!

Understand Who Uses Pinterest

Pinterest has more than 100 million daily active users & if you think your targeted business audience may be available there, you must opt for a Pinterest account for your business. Pinterest analytics will also give you a clear idea of your targeted customer presence.

Be Appealing To Users Preferences

Once you have an account on Pinterest, you must make sure to set only such pins & boards that are appealing to your preferences of the targeted customers. By doing this, your business will stand apart from others & you will get more visibility in lesser time.

Write Only Search Friendly Descriptions

Did you know Pinterest users also use it for search engine usages? Yes, if you can write search friendly descriptions that you think your end-users will be searching for, you will build an authority over them quickly.

Thus, if you want to make a killing on Pinterest, tips are laid out for you to decide as to how to use Pinterest for business & make things effort worthy. Implement these tricks for a quick turnaround of your business benefits on Pinterest! Good Luck!

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Easy Way Of Personal Branding Through Facebook Live

Personal/Business Branding with Facebook Live


Looking for the best way to advertise on Facebook? Do nothing, go live on Facebook & be famous!

Yes, there was a time when everyone wanted to become famous, but there were fewer options available & were costly affairs as well. However, with the advent of social media platforms, video live stream has emerged as one of the most innovative parts of the Facebook social media marketing.

In the same context, let’s quickly provide some impending benefits of going live on Facebook.

Create A Better Relationship With Your Audience

Yes, this is an instant process. You don’t need to write or design a content to share with your audience. Simply go live on Facebook & express whatever you want to say. Doing this will help you establish an instant connect with your targeted audience & benefit your business presence. What’s more, it is also less time-consuming & fewer efforts go in to create it. All that you need is nice internet connectivity!

Provide Information Quickly

Have a product or service to announce to the world & have less time to design the required content cycle around it? Go live on Facebook & share all the information with your end-users in a flash!

Reach More People

Video live stream has the power to reach out to more people in less time, generating more branding values & online visibility. Since it’s a real time interaction, your business is bound to attract more post views when compared to a conventional post update.

Don’t wait, if you have plans for your business to connect instantly, leave it to Facebook live to do it for you without many efforts!

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Facebook Improves Offers Ad

Facebook improves offers’ ad feature


Have an online business? Then, you must be using various strategies to lure your end-users right? And one of them many methods that you use would also be offering deals & discounts & offers.

Yes, ads help marketers bring out the best of their services/products to give them profits. One of the many methods to do is nothing but opting for advertising on Facebook & what better timing to do when Facebook has improved its ad offering.

Yes, it is great news for advertisers because they can now go ahead & share promotions & discounts via Facebook & also decide the months they want to run the ad depending upon the kind of response & conversion rate that they receive.

Why It’s Easy Advertising On Facebook

  • Facebook provides two types of ads – in-store & online which could be shared via two specific ways – either in a page post or offers advert.

  • Offers adverts are nothing but what users generally see on their newsfeed on Facebook app, mobile or website. To get more leverage from the targeted audience, Facebook Ads marketing should be done such as carousel adverts

  • Another option is by doing it through online offers to the segmented customers with the delivery to those who are interested to purchase the products.

  • One of the interesting ways to ensure outreach of the offers to the customers is posting it directly on the page with the help of the offer page composer. People who visit the page will be able to see the advertising on Facebook.

  • If someone misses the offer, they have the option to directly click on the new offer & check old as well as the recently placed ads.

Thus, if you are a digital marketer, you know now how to do Facebook Ads marketing & make the most of its features.

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