How to Make Your Integrated Campaigns Work

An integrated campaign is that where various channels are brought together to deliver a specific message that relates to your business.
To be successful, brands must create campaigns that cross divisions. If you’re looking to create something effective then you can follow certain strategies to make it successful.

Closeup of businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket document in office
Closeup of businessman and woman discussing on stockmarket document in office

Know your target audience
It is quite difficult to map your marketing campaign without knowing your target audience fully. You need to focus more on demographics which is relevant to your business and need to identify their interests and attitude. The best way to understand your audience is to make buyer personas. The will help you to identify who your real customers are and then you can start your activity. You need to first check your database of the customers then create personas that match your audience. You also need to spend time by interacting with the people who are responsible for increasing the sales.


• Thinking socially

Social media is a massive tool for business now days. 91 % of the companies now use at least two social media channels to communicate with their audience .With that in mind, it’s important to use social media effectively to help source your audience. Now that you have identified who they are, you should also have an understanding of what platforms they’ll be using .To encourage audience interaction, use hashtags that can be used related to your business and campaigns It’s important to not just post content for content’s sake. You need to think from a buyer’s point of view. Think about what they want to see from you and what they would find valuable. Then only you can create a successful campaign.

Keep content adaptable
The idea of an integrated campaign is that you need to rely on various platforms and channels. Some things will work better on one platform than another, so it’s important to keep your content simple and adabtable.
It’s important to keep your brand’s message consistent across your campaign. It is important to select carefully which channels you want to use. You can always refer your personas to find out which platforms are relevant for your campaign. Try to find out what your audience use the most. If you’re not entirely sure which channels will work best for you, either look at similar content for inspiration or just experiment. By seeing what does and doesn’t perform well, you will be able to have an idea how to move forward.

Integrate your marketing campaigns
With a deep understanding of your target audience and what channels you should be using, you will be ready to start your next integrated marketing campaign.
International speaker and author Michael Lewis reported that content published on two or three channels is 24% more likely to receive engagement. An integrated campaign may just be what you need to help your business succeed.

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Tips for better website conversions

We always get to hear that how important is search engine optimization, email marketing, pay per click, social media marketing if you want to attract visitors to your website. Well getting traffic to the website is less difficult than converting the traffic into sales and revenue.
How you can easily convert the traffic. Lets check out.


Tell your visitors that you are available to help.
Get a live chat — it gives your website visitors the ability to ask questions while they are on your website. If they want any informations about any product then you can help them through live chat support. The last thing you want to do it push away a potential sale because they had a simple question that could have been answered in three seconds.

Video drives conversions — but beware.

Video is the easiest way to inform your website visitors about your particular product or service Many websites will auto-play their video or present it as a pop-up. This may annoys the visitor and can reduce your traffic.

Showcase social proof to establish trust.
You should always remember that your website visitors should feel confident. You always need to build up that trust and relation with them if you expect them to go for your product.

Provide offers for call to action
Give out appealing offer for those looking for new product.It simply entices and invites the visitor to click-through to explore purchase options. That simple line of text will attract a much higher click-through rate than a “Shop” button alone.

Make contacting your business simple.
Send Email to your customers directly. Don’t feel like speaking to someone on the phone? Use the live chat function. They have various options to satisfy the needs of every visitor. If you can answer questions in a way that’s convenient to each visitor, it will greatly increase the chance of them converting.

Keep in mind about mobile users
With high amount of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it is important that you should keep in mind that your visitors also come from smart phones too.

Allow customers to know your brand
Any time you can offer your visitors a look inside your operation it gives you the opportunity to become more appealing.

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Are you ready to invest more on online advertising ?


2016 is following a new trend now “Marketers need to build digital relationships and reputation before closing a sale”. Since digital marketing is becoming an important aspect nowadays most of the companies are more inclined towards online marketing and advertising than traditional ways of marketing. Most of the companies have planned to increase their budget in the coming year too and they have shown their interest to invest more on internet marketing. Internet now has
According to most of the renowned companies’ survey display videos play a key role for branding campaign as it allows them get better and right audiences. Well-known companies indicate that they are able to commit more resources to the above factor. Apart from this the importance of validation is also increasing. Most of the organizations found that most of their display video campaigns reach right audience and they expect that these campaigns will increase more in the next 5 years.

Why online advertising in increasing?

• The first and the foremost reason is that it can reach to a larger number of potential customers and audiences in a short span of time.
Web advertisements can be uploaded at any time according to your needs and can be changed and necessary corrections can be made at any time.
• Online advertisement works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Through online advertising you can target group on the basis of interest , demographics
• In online advertising you can effectively use graphics, text and videos to give a alluring look
• And the main part is online advertising is cheaper than traditional advertsing.

Why you should invest more on online advertising ?

If you are still not aware of the online marketing trends that have hit hard in the market, then you need to move fast. Now the question arise why online market marketing. Well, there are miscellaneous reasons behind it.

• You need to know which ads can bought the highest number of good quality leads. You also should have knowledge about how many impressions were shown. Try to identify your optimal channels, ad copy and ad locations. Online advertising allows you to use Google analytics that help you to check the metrics and analytics as well as cost incurred for acquiring and converting a customer. Online advertising offers you limitless insight which allows you to be a professional marketer.

• Do you have the knowledge of your prospective customer? Online marketing gives you the opportunity to target and retarget your prospect customers. Retargeting serves you ads that are completely based on prior engagement which enable you to identify your prospective customer profile. Once you are aware of what your customers are looking for then it will be convenient for you to target and to find where you can get similar users online. When you are advertising online, you are able to target your customers on the basis of population, demographics as well as their interest

• Well, it is not always enough to only target your audience, for that you need to be creative. They way you should present your ads to your customers need to be creative and visually appealing. Generally there are many complaints that online ads are of poor quality but in digital marketing you need to provide audience ads which are highly engaging and that will convert your audience to your customers. You must use flash and in banner video ads because that enhance your brand awareness among your customers.

Online marketing campaigns can be adjusted with clicks. One click can bring change in your business. In this case you have the flexibility to respond to data as well as can make changes to data instantly. Along with this you will have the right to stop or start campaign any time you want. This helps you to be in front of your customers and help to understand the customer needs and adjust your ads before any one.

Digital marketing process is highly cost effective for marketers. You can set the rates according to the combination of ad size, location and performance.

We all know marketing mix , apart from all those 7P’s , online advertising now has become an inevitable part of marketing mix. It offers a basket full of benefits to you including low costs, targeting, and customer insights which you will never get if you avail any other advertising mediums.

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Make headway from desktop marketing to mobile marketing now!

Mobile marketing is the burning topic now! Then why marketers are still pondering their marketing activities around desktop? There are lot many mobile marketing trends that have been discussed now.
Adobe Digital Index did some research and found that 92 pc of respondents consider their smart phones as their most important devices. It has also been claimed that more than 50 pc of searches take place on mobile devices as well as 49 % of companies are using geo targeting technologies for delivering location based notifications. However 20 % marketers follow well defined mobile strategies. Then what is the main reason of getting stuck on desktop marketing?

Well it has been found that lack of resources, including budget and staff is the main challenge and along with that there lack of mobile expertise which include knowledge as well as understanding . However if you are still centered around desktop, then you need to move on

Some marketers have felt they were limited on mobile web, but that is changing. Now, the world of mobile web has become more interesting — so really pay attention to it. For instance, Apple Pay will be supported on mobile web — not just in apps — which opens the door for more transactions and commerce; and, with the introduction of progressive web apps (PWAs), mobile sites can now behave like apps for a more interactive web experience.

Mobile Websites Are Important!

As technology improves, it is even more important to have a solid mobile website. But wait — it cannot be just a dumbed-down version of your desktop site. It must be redesigned to minimize page load time for completely different types of interactions. 47 percent of shoppers expect a mobile webpage to load within two seconds, 40 percent abandon the site if the wait exceeds three seconds, and each additional second of loading time results in a 7 percent reduction in conversions. Slow pages lose customers — and conversions! — and every touch or swipe may require something to load, so your mobile deployment has to run lean.

Get ON Mobile Web.
If you want to become mobile first, get leads into your marketing funnel with a great mobile web experience. Mobile web — not apps — is where you acquire customers, so use this channel appropriately.
The progressive web is something you should be looking at. PWAs enable more interactive mobile web applications — especially through Google’s Chrome browser — allowing you to do things like send push notifications from your mobile website. Until now, that capability was only available through apps.
Mobile technology like this is enabling the mobile web to become more interactive and more capable. So, if you feel like you are limited in what you can do with the mobile experience, it’s time to change that perspective!

Don’t Just Jump Into Apps!
Avoid the temptation others have followed. Don’t simply focus on mobile apps. You cannot put all your eggs into the app basket, even though apps are really powerful and can be very useful. You need to have a dual-pronged strategy to reach people through mobile web and apps. To help you build connected experiences across web and apps, Adobe Marketing Cloud provides a capability, called deep linking, that allows you to connect your mobile webpage to your mobile app if it has been installed on a consumer’s device. It’s a way to basically connect web content and app content. Make these mobile experiences work together and start thinking about use cases to help your customer seamlessly navigate your digital experiences. If you already use the Adobe Marketing Cloud, learn more about how you can build these links .

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Why Google Analytics on WordPress Blog / Website is important

If you have a blog and if you are keen to track visitors on regular basis then you need to integrate google analytics toll to analyse your website traffic. Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google which is used for website analysis and statistics. It works on a small piece of code inserted in your website pages that loads, when a user visits your website the activity gets tracked by the tool. Free option is more sufficient for small scale and mid-sized business but for large scale business or to analysis larger statistics or if you need more in-depth data then you might want to opt for a premium option.
Why Google analytics is important ?
• It assists you to check how many visitors have visited your site ever day, every week, every month, every year, year on year and it can also help you compare traffic of different months.
Google Analytics also help you to understand your customer behavior, you can track what people are doing on your website, how much time time they are spending on your site, which is the most visited pages on your website.
• It provides informations on the sources of the website visitors. It will tell you how many people directly came on your site organically, how many people came through other websites where your website is listed, how many people came to your site.

You can check google analytics in following ways

• When a user will be visiting o your website, you will be able to see in Real Time Reports which will give in-depth details of from which location and through which source the user landed on your website.


• You should always keep in track which type of audience is visiting your website. The Audience Reports in Google analytics gives you the accurate answer in identifying your target audience.


You can track the geographical location of your audience, age, gender, devices, interest and from which browser do they landed on your website.

How they are getting on website ?

When we are working all possible ways to drive traffic to the website, we need to identify which is working and which is not working. To understand how visitor found you online and landed on your website is important.


• Behavior Reports helps to find how visitors are reacting when they land on your website, does your website and content attract the visitor to stay for long in your website? It helps to find out the source from where they are visitng your website .

• When the visitor arrives on your website, what do you expect them to do is your goal and how many people did it is taken as conversion. For Example: Subscribing to your blog or buy your products can be your end goal.

This is why Google analytics is useful for your website.

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