Numerous innovations have come up in social, mobile and engagement marketing field. 2016 has seen the rise of the connected consumer.
• More focus on mobile phones
There is a huge rise in the usage of mobile phones nowdays. So today site operators need to change their the way they view their website from desktop centric to mobile centric .This will drive the strategy of every company which wants to survive in this competitive market. So each and every marketers need to understand the opportunities of reaching their audiences through mobile and how to make mobile sites and their presence more visible.

• Content is King
Content is the King. Content drives the marketing machine and thus, it should get maximum importance. If there is no content worth reading or seeing on the site, people will never visit your site. Modern day marketers generally put more focus in trying their customers. As modern-day marketers focus on trying to understand their customers, the content should be directed at a targeted audience. Also, an integral part of content is syndicating it. SEO or search engine optimization is indispensable to the success and failure of website. However, the trick to good SEO execution is to seamlessly integrate it into the content on the site itself so that it doesn’t stand out.

• Video marketing
Video needs to play a starring role at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel in 2016. A recent study by Cisco Systems shows consumer video will account for 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019. Consumer viewing habits are moving away from TV and toward streaming video. The concept of digital video itself has evolved. It is no longer a viral content on YouTube, flashy homepage videos, video ads on Facebook, etc. Successful brands are now expanding their use of video throughout the entire customer journey to help them build better relationships, improve customer satisfaction and educate buyers. It now ranges from creative campaign videos that bring light to pain points to customer testimonials and personalized product demos. This will set the roadmap in 2016.

• Social recommendations:

You want to drive awareness and popularity for your brand? The answer is work with social influencers. In today’s context, they are raising a brand’s content strategy to the next level. They have the power to boost credibility and extend your content’s reach int

• Personal touch:

We all like that personal touch, and this is no less the case when it comes to digital marketing. Personalized content talks directly to your target audience and offers the exact solution he is looking for. We need to utilize social data and marketing technology to create highly personalized experiences for our consumers and potential clients. Content strategies that are data-driven are vital for online marketing efforts.

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Today’s buyer is called as “Cyber Champion” . He has got every knowledge like digital marketers, because he understands the ins and outs of a clever marketing campaign. They are quite tech savvy and rather demanding. Today’s buyer expects you to work double time to keep his withering interests engaged. Today’s buyer is less excitable and easily get bored, so you have to make sure your digital communications are refreshing and captivating by bringing innovative ideas everyday .

Recently the behaviours of buyers have changed drastically. With this shift, two dominant trends have come up , forging a new digital marketing experience.
Today’s Consumer is Wise
In this digital age, all day long we find ourselves digging and taking out information that is coming at us from various sources. With options like to search, like, and share, they are quite literally at our fingertips. The internet provides buyers with a high level of instant informations that satisfy their needs. Additionally, our mobile devices add yet another layer of immediate satisfaction for consumers. It has changed the entire online experience at its very core. Today’s digital buyer is never more than a few keystrokes and clicks away from all the information they’re looking for when it comes to a product or service. They want everything instant . Today’s digital buyer will form an opinion about your brand before any communication with you. The way consumers perceive your brand is important to you. On that basis you will achieve your success.So your marketing strategies must be stimulating and intriguing.

Today’s Consumer Has High Expectations
Brand loyalty may be difficult to maintain sometimes. But if you want to stay on top of every customer as an individual, then you need to take into consideration buyer’s requirements and expectations. Today’s buyers have high expectations and they are looking for a brand they can trust. This means creating a personal experience for each customer is crucial. You need to understand their purchase histories, their buying behavior , their preferences for communications, and also their cravings and desires. The message which you want to deliver must be received in a customized and convenient style. Your buyers are looking for a smooth and dependable experience.
Never push your informations to buyers by way of mass advertising because it is no longer effective. These days it takes a truly clever marketer to meet the challenge. Digital marketers must learn how to engage with their customers as individuals on a more personal level from the very beginning of the customer lifecycle.

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How 5 advanced AdWord strategies can be implemented?

Google AdWords is becoming competitive day by day; hence marketers have to dig out new strategies and ideas every now and then.
But these strategies may come in the form of advanced adwords strategies like ppc campaign that can make your ads look livelier as well as relevant and it will definitely make you more competitive in this cut throat competitive market.

Let us discuss the tactics how we can implement AdWords strategies…

• Market Audiences
We keep on searching about various products on Google. Have you ever thought how Google manages this vast amount of data?
Well, let me tell you how. Recently a new adword feature has been introduced in the market it’s called in-market audiences. Now let us check how it basically works.
The objective of this feature is to assist the advertisers to look something new beyond demographics and target users who are there in the market for some specific product. Google knows when a visitor is searching for something and is comparing products, or when he is clicking on some ads. They can help the advertisers to reach potential customers on different sites.


These are in market audiences which generally appear in adwords.
For example you are a property dealer and you will target those people who are in search for new house, in that case this particular feature can be of great help to reach to larger number of audiences.

AdWords Dynamic Ads :

Google has recently launched a new feature to do product specific remarketing. This is useful mainly for the retailers .With the help of this , one can determine which products people are searching for and serve up remarketing ads featuring those products. .
Here how it actually looks.


• Customize ads with real-time updates
The term “Urgent” is important for a creative ad copy. But you may run short of time to run promotions, updates offer codes and ad text constantly. This is the reason why Google introduced handy set of scripts. These scripts are mainly for the understanding for the layman’s perspective.

• Schedule your ads
It is of no use wasting your time on the leads that have already gone cold. In order to maximize your return on ad spend, some companies use ad scheduling.


This is really useful if you are located at US and if your prospect customers are located in UK and they have a specific time to buy your products. At that scheduling your ads is really necessary .

• Run ahead of your competitors

If you are running an ad campaign, it is guaranteed that your competitor is clicking your ad . You can avoid this, there is trick to do that. There is a process through which one can block competitions’ IP address and not allow them to check your ads.
At first you need to find out the competitors’ IP addresses. You can follow certain tricks like
• You can search for a mail from the company and can locate the IP address by looking at the email headed content.
• You can search for the IP address for the company’s domain name. There are times when company uses a different IP address for web browsing and the one their site is hosted. So you can give it a try.

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How you can improve CTR by Google Adword Ad extensions

Ad extensions are quite important for a business to be successful on online platforms because they provide important informations that generally companies use for the growth of their business. Let’s see how it works.
Ad extensions allow you to give extra informations on Google adwords like the location, site links, click to call etc. These will help the ad to become distinguished and can direct users to content related to website. There are various types of ad extensions that can be used to give out the customers more information about the business.
The various types of extensions are beneficial for the many types of devices that range from desktops to mobile devices. Knowing where each of the extensions is mostly effective can help the users make decisions on the information that is used in each ad extension type.
Sitelinks :

With the help of Site links users easily can show their links on their website along with the main landing page in Ad words Ad. Ads that are displayed on desktops and tablets can be shown anywhere from 2 to 6 various site links and ads and ads that are displayed on mobile services with full browsers can show up to 4 additional links. It also shows detailed report that shows users how many clicks any part of the ad has received every time an individual site link appears.

Location Extensions
Now one can enhance the Google ad words dynamically including the address of the business. It can upgrade all ads by displaying the customers the map of the business location. Even if the advertisers want they can add location of the business in many campaigns like search display ads. People who will search for targeted keywords will shown the link of the business address as well as contact numbers.

Call Extensions

If you want to encourage your customers to call at the company directly then you can attach a business phone number to the ads . This is also called click to call on mobile devices. Companies then can measure phone call conversions which is the most important feature for businesses that rely on call traffic more than anything else.


Structured Snippet
It mainly allow your ads to focus on a specific aspect of products and services . These ad extensions provide context on variety and nature of the product and services. It works after deciding what type of information a potential customer will find it crucial in regards to a product and services. The snippets then select a header which the user adds


• Product Listing Ads
If the user has a Google Merchant Center account, it can contain products that are relevant to what someone is searching for. With the help of product extensions features like the images, titles and prices of those products are then shown underneath the ad. This allows the user to include more relevant and detailed information about their products.


• Review Extension
Review extension show the customer-submitted reviews of their buying experience with any particular business. These ratings are then placed next to the AdWords ads and appear on desktops, laptops and mobile devices with full browsers.

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Campaign Groups – A New Feature in Google Adwords Account

Google introduced two new features, Campaign groups and Performance targets which have made Adwords’ performance in monitoring and tracking much more easier.

What is Campaign Group?
Campaign group enables you to bring all your Google ad campaigns into one group and make them easier to track and improve. These ad campaigns are include all types from search ads to YouTube. Marketers can now use this grouping strategy to track and monitor marketing themes across their network of ad opportunities.

Performance Targets
This feature has been introduced within Adwords which combine the new campaign group feature and allow you to set target clicks and conversions Google’s marketing platforms. It improves on the ability to set goals and track clicks and conversions within Adwords.
These two new features is convenient to make monitoring and performance easier.


Performance Targets
This feature has been introduced within Adwords which combine the new campaign group feature and allow you to set target clicks and conversions Google’s marketing platforms. It improves on the ability to set goals and track clicks and conversions within Adwords.
These two new features is convenient to make monitoring and performance easier.
Advantages of Campaign Group
• Checking the campaigns and make it get easier as you can see the metrics from each campaign at one place.
• Get notifications of the progress of your set advertisements
• Save a lot of time in making reports to monitor the growth and performance of campaigns by grouping them under campaign groups.
• Quick to make tracking and forecasting of marketing campaign performance.
Campaign group allows users to package Adwords campaigns in a single campaign group.

Setting up Campaign Group
It is quite easy to set up and you can make various numerable groups with specific targets . It is accessible from the left side bar in Adwords and advertisers can select how to monitor the performance on the basis of clicks and conversion goals. It helps to set specific targets for campaigns for factors such as total clicks, conversions, CPC or CPA etc

Campaign Groups is mainly a monitoring feature, and has no changes in the functionality at this point. Marketers need to be clear with the objectives to gain a series of campaign. How many conversions or clicks they want to receive, how much they want to spend, and the average CPA or CPC they want to maintain. Adwords will track the campaign group and give insights on what results the marketers can achieve at the end.

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