Interactive Media, the new digital marketing Trend

Recently Digital Media and Interactive media has gained lot more importance. It is now a part of everyone’s life and has wide range of uses including personal, business, and education. The trends in digital marketing have also grown to meet the growing tech-savvy desires of consumers who have become more tech savvy as they want everything in their smartphones and an internet connection. So are physical, printed marketing materials outdated and fading away in light of this digital revolution? We don’t think so, and here’s why-

One of the newest trends that has been a part of the digital marketing world is interactive media. It leverages print materials in a new digitally enhanced and interactive manner. It engages more customers in much more personal and impactful ways.

What is Interactive Media?

Interactive media is the mixture of traditional print mediums combined with digital elements or enhancements such as electronic text, graphics, 3D holograms, or sounds that enrich a computer digitized environment .They are designed to respond to user interactions and add depth to any experience. It creates a world that wasn’t before available is a great engagement and marketing tool.

How Augmented Reality Brings Print to Life with Interactive Media
Augmented reality technology is the main thing of the interactive media marketing trend. It helps to layer interactive, digital components atop a real life environment. For example, AR-powered apps allow users to scan an image on a page, screen, or package with their smart phone, and an interactive, associated 3D model will pop up and come over the printed media.

Advantages of Interactive Media

Brand recognition and interaction

Interactive media helps you to grow your market presence through brand recognition and customer loyalty. When you give your customer with an experience with a personal touch which is very impressive, they will remember their experience with you and come back again and again to buy your products and services

Increased ROI

Investing in quality interactive media tools will help you to boost your profits and ROI will increase through customer engagement. The interaction can easily become addictive, used by customers time and time again. Through that, companies can see the analytical report of their interactive campaigns. Brands can also link the interactive campaigns to a website, directing the consumer to purchase.

Improved marketing materials and strategies

A huge benefit to utilizing interactive media and augmented reality in your marketing is that you can learn, adjust, and improve based on meaningful interactions .By using the feedback or input you receive from a customer, you can improve more with interactive media. You can learn a great deal about them and what is informing and driving their decision to purchase as they continue to interact. This valuable information will help you craft continuously effective and relevant marketing materials.

Measurable analytics for growth

Analyzing the success of your marketing materials, campaigns, and customer interactions can help you scale your business successfully, and continue to grow your profits. It is important for you to track your campaign results, so that you can create strategies accordingly. Interactive media can always help you in that .

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If you don’t have your website indexed in search engines, you can’t manage to get any real value out of it. When you start a blog or write an article, the first thing you must ensure that it comes on the top
and users can find them easily . You can do that by indexing it on search engines. The question however is how to ensure Google indexing of your website quickly.

Indexing is the process where information is collected from Google bolt. Once these informations are processed, it will be added to searchable index. Google adds them to its searchable index if the search engine finds the quality of content appropriate or worth indexing. During indexing, the Googlebot processes the words on a page and where those words are located. Googlebot also analyzes crucial information such as title tags and ALT during indexing.

Build a site map
The first step of indexing is to create a site map. An site map is a document on website’s server that lists website pages in a particular order. This site map provides information to the search crawler about new pages and about existing pages. The sitemap informs search crawler about the new pages added or an existing page (s) updated. As soon you install the sitemap search engine crawler comes back and check your homepage daily for new products, news items, and other new content.

Install Google Analytics:
Installing Google analytics will help you track the user behavior on your website. It will give you an insight about the pages receiving the highest crowd and the pages abandoned.
Submit Your Website To Search Engines:
Though, this isn’t a hard and fast method to get your site indexed, it takes a moment so there is no harm in trying it out. Submit your website URL to Google using your Gmail account. You can use the submit option available in Google Search Console.

Create Complete Social Profiles:To get noticed in search engines, it’s important to create and share social media pages and accounts for your brand. Usually, search crawlers get to your websites via links. The best way to get some quality links is by creating social networking profiles for your new website. You can do it by adding a link to your new website to pre-existing profiles as well. To make your website widely visible, you should create Twitter profiles, Facebook pages, Google+ profiles or pages, LinkedIn profiles or company pages, Pinterest profiles, and YouTube channels.
Share Your Website Links:
Once you finish with your new website link to a new or pre-existing social profile, start sharing it in a status update on your social networks. Being the no-follow links, they will start poking search engines to track social signals. If on Pinterest, pin an image on the website, or create a video citing the best things of your website.
Create Value Content:

Creating user friendly content is important to your website. You need to write quality content,

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How SMS can improve customer service?

For business campaign, SMS marketing is a great solution. It can also improve customer service. Practically nowadays most of the customers keep on checking their phones throughout the day. And most of them engage their business via their phones and sms is the perfect channel for customers.
Using SMS marketing is simple, quick and very cost effective. And it can easily be used to enhance customer service. One of the reasons SMS marketing is so great for customer service is that it offers personalized service, which means more attention for individual customers. Here how can you use sms to improve customer service.

Use SMS for time sensitive messages
Majority of SMS messages are opened within three minutes of being sent. This proves that how fast are people with technology and how effective form of communication is sms. If you work in an industry which requires the scheduling of appointments, SMSes are exceptionally effective as reminders. This reduces the number of no-shows and improves the customer experience.

Create opt in strategy

The reality is that you can’t just send SMSes to your customers unless they’ve agreed to be on your list. There are various rules, laws and guidelines which you need to follow. While you should study all of the necessary rules yourself, there are two things in particular to take note of. First, don’t send messages unless consumers have agreed to receive them and second, you must make sure that they have the option to opt out.

Implement post-contact questionnaires
There’s little point in making use of SMS marketing for customer service if you’re not aware of what you’re doing right or wrong. Allow your customers an opportunity to provide feedback. Your surveys should be easy to read, short and relevant. Keep it quick or you’ll risk annoying your customers.

Don’t try to do too much with your SMSes
. There are certain situations when it just doesn’t work. Examples are when campaigns are too complicated or emotional to communicate in just a few characters.

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If you are struggling to find out new strategies to skyrocket your online business, then you need to do research on how your competitors are working.
Monitoring your competitors’ social media marketing struggles can help you in many ways
• Save time and money by not doing things which can hamper your brand and reputation.
• You need to approach your customers and social media influencers by providing them something unique which your competitor is not giving
• Come up with better, more effective social media marketing campaigns and strategies than your competitors.
In order to do competitive analysis, there certain important tools that can monitor your competitors’ digital marketing mistakes.

It is one of the powerful keyword research and search engine optimization platform which offers you a wide range of featurers like competitor rank tracking to load time optimization and backlink checking. You can also check how many social media domain rank for all kinds.

Twitter Sentiment Search

Are you monitoring your competitors’ brand name mentions on social media? You should be – but you can do more than just that.

Twitter supports so-called “sentiment” search enables you to search for tweets expressing a negative sentiment using the 🙁 smiley. For example, search and you’ll see all tweets expressing a negative emotion.
To search for and monitor multiple competitors you may want to set up a social media monitoring dashboard. You may use Cyfe.It is quite cheap and is very easy to set up.
You can also add “Twitter search” widget in order to search for competitor’s name. You can also use that widget and repeat the action for each of your competitors.


BuzzSumo’s Facebook Analyzer feature is the only efficient Facebook competitor analysis tool. With this you can simply search your competitor by its Facebook username and you will get all the updates. It helps you to sort them all on the basis of interactions, likes, comments or shares.

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Why do you need responsive website?

Responsive Web Design Detailed on Blackboard

We always have this notion that a responsive website is not a separate mobile website as many think. It is a single multi-platform website that has been built to automatically adapt to whichever device or computer it is being viewed on.
Why do you need a responsive website?
Mobile accounts for 25% of all web usage. According to the recent Internet Trends 2014, Tablet sales are on the increase and smart phone usage is widespread and quite cheap to buy. Most of the people now surf online, on their mobiles or tablets while watching TV and doing other tasks. It is now overtaking computers increasingly.
Nowadays people have less time and patience, they want to get everything instant. They do not want to work extra hard in finding content on the web or any website. In any case of your site is not working or not opening on mobile screen, then you may lose your viewers and may not be able to get traffic.
What you need to do about it…
This is the reason you need a responsive website

What is a responsive website?
Responsive websites are websites that automatically resize and change layout in order to suit the device and screen on which they are being viewed. So if you are viewing a website on mobile phone , then if it’s a responsive website, it would change the layout of the content, menu, images etc. to make it easier for you to browse, scan and read that website on small screen.You can easily zoom in, navigate and scroll a website on mobile if its responsive.

If you’ve had your website for a while, or you decided against RWD when your website was being developed, you will need to consider upgrading your website to a responsive one in the future. How quickly you need to do that will be determined by various factors but one important point to consider is how your audience currently accesses and uses your website.

It’s time to take a look at your Google Analytics report to see how many of your visitors are using a mobile device to view your website and what percentage of those are exiting your website as quickly as they arrived. You’ll then be able to make decisions and plans based on fact rather than assumption.

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Why should you run native ads?

You have now various options to attract customers. You can write blog posts, you can post anything on social media or by pay per click and so on. Another option is native ads.
It’s a type of advertising that is designed to match the look and feel of the website upon which it appears.
Businesses of all sizes can benefit.
Native advertising is quite new to the digital advertising space. But many brands, big and small have started using it more. Banner ads on some of the larger websites, for example, will often require a large financial commitment, which eliminates the smaller businesses. Most native advertising platforms have very small financial buy-ins to get started, allowing even the smallest businesses to experience native advertising.
Provides lower cost-per-click.
Native ads provide excellent custom targeting..t enables you to create advertisements that are more interesting to consumers when compared to traditional digital advertising both in terms of Cost-wise, native ads are more efficient.
They are much cheaper because they are so targeted, which results in high click-through rates and a low cost-per-click. Native ads attract clicks because they are not intrusive, unlike in-your-face animated banners and pop-ups.
Native ads attract more genuine interest.
Native ads perform exceptionally well because they don’t interrupt the use experience like other forms of advertising, which consumers appreciate. They are marked as advertisements, so it’s not a deceptive form of marketing, like some might assume.
Top performing native ads appear within relevant content, When someone views the ad and click on it you are attracting someone with genuine interest in what you are offering. Attracting a higher quality visitor to your landing page is going to bring higher conversion rate. Leads generated via native ads are always going to be high quality because their level of interest is higher.
Less resistance from the consumer.
In-feed native ads allow you to blend in .You experience more user engagement because they aren’t avoiding your ads like the plague — which is what happens to the banner ads that typically sit in a website’s header areas and right-hand sidebar area.
Consumers are highly educated when it comes to online marketing — they have become almost immune to traditional advertisements and their locations. Now is the time to take advantage of the limited resistance and test the effectiveness of native ads for your business.

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Data has become an inseparable part of our every day’s life. It is there everywhere from social media to retail stores to all the apps. Unless you live in the middle of the jungle, there’s some way you are a part of the every growing “Big Data” that you hear so much about.
Top companies such as Google, Amazon, and Domino’s take data-driven decisions every single day. They have separate teams of analyst who gets data everyday by searching or by other online transactions which can help their customers better.
Now the good news is you don’t need to have a B2C company to leverage data. If you are new then you need to follow certain steps.

You need to collect data on your customers or prospects or else you will never be able to cope up with the competition.
You need to search answers for these following questions
When are visitors coming to your site?
What page is converting them into leads?
Are users finding what they need?
What’s their level of engagement?
What portion of users are visiting the site on mobile?
The answers to these questions can help you to take valid decisions. It is about how to evolve your website with the aim or creating a better user experience that can turn more of those visitors into customers.

The most important aspect of analyzing data is making sure that the data you are collecting is accurate. Inaccurate, old, or inconsistent data can be disastrous if you are trying to make business decisions based on data. Imagine spending more money on a campaign that isn’t working or completely cutting off a revenue source because your data was corrupt.


Once you’ve collected your data, you need to verify them whether they are accurate or verified or not. Renowned companies have teams of analyst
As mentioned previously, large corporations have teams of analyst that take the numbers they collect and present them in a way that makes sense for their respective business. If you go through the data, you need to have some goals in your mind.


Truly informed data-driven decisions can be made once you’ve collected, verified, and analyzed your data. To follow the Widgets example, once you know that Widgets need to be more prominent on the website, you can start making implementing tactical changes to drive more traffic to those page.

Some changes you could make include:

Spending more on PPC targeting Widgets
Sending targeted emails that speak to the products your users are looking for (which in this case is Widgets)
Creating a campaign-specific landing page for Widgets
Using marketing automation to send marketing messages about Widgets based on the actions users take on the site.

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Today, every start-up needs a well-defined digital media strategy to make a sustaining impact and establish the brand. But the Internet is a tricky place. It gives you hundreds of options which help you to bring changes in your startups. You need to choose and make your strategies carefully while you are starting your own new venture.
Focus on your target audience

In today’s digitally connected world, where promotions are becoming increasingly affordable. It is becoming quite easy to reach audience, the temptation for going all out to everyone could be strong. And yet, even in this digitally developed new world, it could be a fatal mistake for a startup. So, rein in your high horses and remain focused on the customer segment that’s likely to add the most to your business growth in the short-to-middle term.

• Identify The Right Digital Platform
Internet has taken the place of many traditional marketing platforms with its wide range of options. However, to crack it you need focus. Websites, blogs, video and pod casts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Interest, LinkedIn – where do you fit in and how. You need to find out digital strategies to transfer Internet traffic from your target audience to your own website. This will require having a good idea of your customers’ digital choices – the websites or blogs they visit, and the people and brands they follow on various social media platforms. This brings us to decide which social media platforms you should use .If your product requires visual representation, instagram, pinterest could be your choice to promote your product. And if your brand is more into information-sharing, then tie-ups with suitable blogs along with a strong Twitter or Facebook presence may help.

Get Creative

You need to keep in mind that these digital media platfroms may give you high conversions. You need to reach out to your schools, colleges and post related contents for them. Create quizzes, content and offerings with alumni disclunts to increase sales. Educational institutes are usually very proud of the success of their alumni and can be your great help. Taking into blogger community which is relevant to your offerings also makes sense. Most of these people have an already established and loyal reader base. Make requests for product / service review, provide the reviewers perks like discounted or even free trials, write a thought leadership post for their blogs as a guest writer, and finally request them for the link to the post so that you can monitor the online traffic to your article.

• Motivate Readers To Share Your Content

You should always try to post interesting material that is likely to be shared or liked. So, you need to give the viewers a reason to promote your content. Create discount coupons, give offers, small gift or a number of shares. You can also conduct an online contest and make it go viral. Incentive has always a real value, it will always attract your customers.

Look At Exclusive Branded Content
This is a great tool to align your company with what’s relevant in your industry, and establish thought and idea leadership. There are various ways to do this: online bylines, guest blog posts, recurring contests, exclusive survey findings pertinent to your business, etc. All such content should never be promotional because the idea is not to boost sales, but build and augment the brand.

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Numerous innovations have come up in social, mobile and engagement marketing field. 2016 has seen the rise of the connected consumer.
• More focus on mobile phones
There is a huge rise in the usage of mobile phones nowdays. So today site operators need to change their the way they view their website from desktop centric to mobile centric .This will drive the strategy of every company which wants to survive in this competitive market. So each and every marketers need to understand the opportunities of reaching their audiences through mobile and how to make mobile sites and their presence more visible.

• Content is King
Content is the King. Content drives the marketing machine and thus, it should get maximum importance. If there is no content worth reading or seeing on the site, people will never visit your site. Modern day marketers generally put more focus in trying their customers. As modern-day marketers focus on trying to understand their customers, the content should be directed at a targeted audience. Also, an integral part of content is syndicating it. SEO or search engine optimization is indispensable to the success and failure of website. However, the trick to good SEO execution is to seamlessly integrate it into the content on the site itself so that it doesn’t stand out.

• Video marketing
Video needs to play a starring role at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel in 2016. A recent study by Cisco Systems shows consumer video will account for 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019. Consumer viewing habits are moving away from TV and toward streaming video. The concept of digital video itself has evolved. It is no longer a viral content on YouTube, flashy homepage videos, video ads on Facebook, etc. Successful brands are now expanding their use of video throughout the entire customer journey to help them build better relationships, improve customer satisfaction and educate buyers. It now ranges from creative campaign videos that bring light to pain points to customer testimonials and personalized product demos. This will set the roadmap in 2016.

• Social recommendations:

You want to drive awareness and popularity for your brand? The answer is work with social influencers. In today’s context, they are raising a brand’s content strategy to the next level. They have the power to boost credibility and extend your content’s reach int

• Personal touch:

We all like that personal touch, and this is no less the case when it comes to digital marketing. Personalized content talks directly to your target audience and offers the exact solution he is looking for. We need to utilize social data and marketing technology to create highly personalized experiences for our consumers and potential clients. Content strategies that are data-driven are vital for online marketing efforts.

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How can you transform your blog and become a digital influencer?

Nowadays business have taken a notice about the importance of social media and blogs as blog readers and social media followers drive and increase sales. So let’s check out how you can increase your social media following and become an influencer in digital space.
• The biggest misconception is thinking that that writing great articles and uploading countless of photos with the blog is enough to become a good blogger. Although content is important bit the most important part of winning an audience is strategy. You need to use analytics tool on blog and social media to find out what type of content is most shared and liked, and start producing more of it. Another strategy is to write best the titles and images that accompany articles in order to determine what attracts audience the most.

• If you take a blurry image, or write an article in five minutes thinking it will be liked by million of readers, then you are wrong. Before you take a photo, you can: Google the most photographed locations in the area, travel to picturesque settings. Each article or an image needs to have the “wow” factor; otherwise, don’t publish it. Mediocre efforts will result in mediocre content, and your audience will never go through it .It is better not to publish then.

In digital space you need to be unique and creative. You need to break the rules what you were taught in school, and need to come up with innovative ideas. The more unique the content, the more likely it will attract an audience. You are not writing to be politically correct and please everyone; people want to hear and see something different. If you are not comfortable with others knowing your identity, invent a nickname.. Your audience follows you on social media and reads your blog because they care about your point of view. Posting personal, unique and original content is one of the best way in which you can attract your readers and audiences.

• Within one day you cannot become a digital influencer. It takes most bloggers at least a year before they see a real difference. Oftentimes, influencers work on many projects for free in order to promote their brand out there. Offer your unique content free of charge to different websites, magazines, events and any other outlets that may need it. You will find that many bloggers/accounts of your size and larger will share your images and give you credit for content free of charge. This concept is incredibly effective and has allowed us to get in touch with millions of new readers and followers.

If you want to become a successful social media professional then these tips may help you to increase your followers and can generate more web traffic.

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