Numerous innovations have come up in social, mobile and engagement marketing field. 2016 has seen the rise of the connected consumer.
• More focus on mobile phones
There is a huge rise in the usage of mobile phones nowdays. So today site operators need to change their the way they view their website from desktop centric to mobile centric .This will drive the strategy of every company which wants to survive in this competitive market. So each and every marketers need to understand the opportunities of reaching their audiences through mobile and how to make mobile sites and their presence more visible.

• Content is King
Content is the King. Content drives the marketing machine and thus, it should get maximum importance. If there is no content worth reading or seeing on the site, people will never visit your site. Modern day marketers generally put more focus in trying their customers. As modern-day marketers focus on trying to understand their customers, the content should be directed at a targeted audience. Also, an integral part of content is syndicating it. SEO or search engine optimization is indispensable to the success and failure of website. However, the trick to good SEO execution is to seamlessly integrate it into the content on the site itself so that it doesn’t stand out.

• Video marketing
Video needs to play a starring role at all stages of the marketing and sales funnel in 2016. A recent study by Cisco Systems shows consumer video will account for 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019. Consumer viewing habits are moving away from TV and toward streaming video. The concept of digital video itself has evolved. It is no longer a viral content on YouTube, flashy homepage videos, video ads on Facebook, etc. Successful brands are now expanding their use of video throughout the entire customer journey to help them build better relationships, improve customer satisfaction and educate buyers. It now ranges from creative campaign videos that bring light to pain points to customer testimonials and personalized product demos. This will set the roadmap in 2016.

• Social recommendations:

You want to drive awareness and popularity for your brand? The answer is work with social influencers. In today’s context, they are raising a brand’s content strategy to the next level. They have the power to boost credibility and extend your content’s reach int

• Personal touch:

We all like that personal touch, and this is no less the case when it comes to digital marketing. Personalized content talks directly to your target audience and offers the exact solution he is looking for. We need to utilize social data and marketing technology to create highly personalized experiences for our consumers and potential clients. Content strategies that are data-driven are vital for online marketing efforts.

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Entrepreneur, Digital and Internet Marketer, Trekker. Loves to develop and work with new ideas.

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Harshal Jadhav

Entrepreneur, Digital and Internet Marketer, Trekker. Loves to develop and work with new ideas.

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