Why should you run native ads?

You have now various options to attract customers. You can write blog posts, you can post anything on social media or by pay per click and so on. Another option is native ads.
It’s a type of advertising that is designed to match the look and feel of the website upon which it appears.
Businesses of all sizes can benefit.
Native advertising is quite new to the digital advertising space. But many brands, big and small have started using it more. Banner ads on some of the larger websites, for example, will often require a large financial commitment, which eliminates the smaller businesses. Most native advertising platforms have very small financial buy-ins to get started, allowing even the smallest businesses to experience native advertising.
Provides lower cost-per-click.
Native ads provide excellent custom targeting..t enables you to create advertisements that are more interesting to consumers when compared to traditional digital advertising both in terms of Cost-wise, native ads are more efficient.
They are much cheaper because they are so targeted, which results in high click-through rates and a low cost-per-click. Native ads attract clicks because they are not intrusive, unlike in-your-face animated banners and pop-ups.
Native ads attract more genuine interest.
Native ads perform exceptionally well because they don’t interrupt the use experience like other forms of advertising, which consumers appreciate. They are marked as advertisements, so it’s not a deceptive form of marketing, like some might assume.
Top performing native ads appear within relevant content, When someone views the ad and click on it you are attracting someone with genuine interest in what you are offering. Attracting a higher quality visitor to your landing page is going to bring higher conversion rate. Leads generated via native ads are always going to be high quality because their level of interest is higher.
Less resistance from the consumer.
In-feed native ads allow you to blend in .You experience more user engagement because they aren’t avoiding your ads like the plague — which is what happens to the banner ads that typically sit in a website’s header areas and right-hand sidebar area.
Consumers are highly educated when it comes to online marketing — they have become almost immune to traditional advertisements and their locations. Now is the time to take advantage of the limited resistance and test the effectiveness of native ads for your business.

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Entrepreneur, Digital and Internet Marketer, Trekker. Loves to develop and work with new ideas.

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Harshal Jadhav

Entrepreneur, Digital and Internet Marketer, Trekker. Loves to develop and work with new ideas.

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