Are you still searching for strategies for post on Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn?
Do you need to come up with additional social media updates?
Let’s check how we can do that.

• Post attractive quotes

Quotes are always famous on facebook and you will get hundreds of websites that have various creative quotes. What you need to do, is to choose and select quote images carefully. It needs to be visually appealing and should be able to convey the right and correct message to the reader. The result you will get will be far better than your expectations. Your likes and share will get increased easily.

• Book Reviews
When you read a book you think your audience can benefit from, tell them about it. Share your opinion for that book, how it can benefit others. Whether it is inspirational or not? Whether its business related or not.

• Dates of Celebrations

Start making a list of holidays. You can easily make some creatives and post them on Facebook. If it’s Independence Day, then you may create a post for Independence Day and can wish your friends and other followers.

• Blogs

If you have a personal blog and if you have a flair for writing interesting articles you can easily put the link of that blog as a post on your timeline. Write articles
On interesting topics that arouse interests among the readers .This will automatically increase your likes and shares.

Hash tagged events
Start to join in with each social network’s culture and opportunities. Hash tagged events are popular and another good way to show your personality instead of your logo.

Giveaways and contests almost always get big engagement. They’re an opportunity to encourage fans, followers and others to share your content, link or social profile.

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Entrepreneur, Digital and Internet Marketer, Trekker. Loves to develop and work with new ideas.

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Harshal Jadhav

Entrepreneur, Digital and Internet Marketer, Trekker. Loves to develop and work with new ideas.

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